Lacrosse is a very popular sport that is considered to be the oldest sport in America. It is believed the game was invented by Indians in the 15th Century. While they enjoyed playing the game as a recreational sport, it was also used as a means of settling disputes that arose among tribe members. Many tribes used lacrosse as a way of training the young warriors for battle.

In those days, the game of lacrosse was played with teams of hundreds of men on each side. The game often lasted for several days, taking a break when the sun went down until the next morning. They did not have a distinct playing field or sidelines. Instead, they simply ran all along the countryside.

The game of lacrosse was introduced to America after French missionaries watched the games taking place in the 17th Century. Settlers in Montreal engaged in the game of lacrosse in the 18th Century. During this time it was introduced to residents of Canada. They later brought the game of lacrosse to the United States, England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Lacrosse has been a favorite sport for centuries. It continues to be played today around the world. Lacrosse tournaments in England, the United States, Australia, and Canada draw millions of spectators each year. Many great athletes who went on to succeed on the basketball court and the football field have stated they got their start playing lacrosse. The sport is credited with teaching valuable skills that carry on into over sports arenas.

If you are interested in following the professional sport of lacrosse, the internet offers a great deal of information regarding lacrosse event that will be taking place. You can even find out about the rules for regulation play. There are a variety of lacrosse magazines that feature the sport as well as the player and the coaches.

While lacrosse was initially a game played by men, womenís lacrosse teams have sprouted up in various locations around the globe. While this league doesnít have the numbers of players or spectators as the menís league it continues to grow in numbers. While it does take some time to fully understand the rules of the game, those who have taken the time to do so really seem to love this action packed game that has been around for centuries.

Lacrosse Equipment

The game of lacrosse is one that is full of exciting adventure as the players speed around the playing field in an attempt to score points. The game is fast paced and there is a high risk of injury. As a result there are many different types of equipment that are required for playing lacrosse, some essential for play and others necessary to meet safety requirements.

Probably the most important piece of equipment in the game of lacrosse is the stick. After all, this is the main way to get the ball under control and to score points. Lacrosse sticks are made out of plastic and titanium. They are made differently for men and women since the rules of the game vary slightly.

Gloves are commonly worn in lacrosse to help keep a firm grip on the stick. They also help prevent the user from developing rough patches and blisters from continued use of the stick during lacrosse practice sessions and play time. Men are commonly required to wear a helmet during play because of how aggressive the games generally become. The helmet must include protective eyewear or a separate eye covering must be worn. Since the game is less aggressive for women, they are not required to wear the helmet, but eyewear is still necessary.

There are many different types of padding that are required to protect your body while playing lacrosse. This includes shoulder pads, rib pads, arm pads, and elbow guards. There are also special pads that goalies are required to use. For shoes, most of them designed for lacrosse have cleats on the bottom similar to football shoes. For additional safety, men should consider wearing a jock strap and cup during play. Many women find wearing a sports bra helps them especially if they happen to feature large breasts.

The game of lacrosse requires some essential pieces of equipment including the ball and a goalie for each end of the field. Having the right equipment will help you be able to enjoy the game as well as help protect you against injuries. You can get lacrosse equipment at any sporting goods store or on the internet. In many cases, you can find complete lacrosse outfits that feature everything you need at a great price.