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Retirement is often a time full of mixed feelings. On one side you may be glad to finally put that 40 hour week behind you. For those who work more hours or have a high stress job, it is even more of a welcomed relief. On the other side you may be wondering what you will do with all your free time or worried about the financial impact of retirement. To make the transition to retirement something joyful that you look forward to, prepare for it early.

Many of us make the mistake of not planning ahead for retirement because it can be decades away. However, that time does eventually come, and you can be left in a panic if you haven’t prepared for its arrival. Even if it is too early to decide what you want to do once you retire, start investing now. If your employer offers a 401k then start contributing to it monthly. Individual Retirement Accounts known as IRA’s are possible. You can also invest with stocks and bonds. Personal savings accounts will help you accumulate money for retirement but they don’t yield the same return as these other options.

If you aren’t sure where to start planning for retirement get a book with the different worksheets to fill out. Online calculators are very helpful too. Doing these worksheets will help you find out exactly how much you should be saving for retirement as well as the age you can expect to retire at. If the answers you come up with don’t sit well, then you are going to have to make some changes to your budget now. Saving more at an early age will prepare you for retirement and the expenses that come with it. A retirement planner can help you go over your information as well as device a realistic savings and investment strategy for your retirement.

If you are self employed, it is even more essential that you set up an IRA because you likely aren’t paying in anything for social security. This means you won’t have any government benefits to access once you retire. Many self employment sectors such as truck driving and small business have retirement plans you can find out about investing in. Contact the small business administration or search on the internet for such programs.

While we all enjoy living in the moment, being responsible for your future takes planning and commitment. Do your part now to ensure your retirement will be something you can look forward to physically, emotionally, and financially.

Retirement Age

Retirement age is something many of us who have been in the workforce for decades look forward to. A time when we do what we want, when we want. The retirement age keeps on increasing. For a lucky, few they have enough money and retirement resources to take an early retirement. This is common of those in the military and high ranking political officers. The rest of us have to work until at least retirement age, sometimes longer if we don’t have enough money saved up.

The average retirement age is 62 because this is when an individual can start drawing against their social security benefits. Some people choose to retire sooner or later depending on many factors including their age, health, financial situation, and if they enjoy their job. It also depends on their retirement plans. Some people would rather work than sit at home all day. Others want to retire to see the world traveling or spending more time with their family and on their hobbies.

There is a great deal of debate over the Social Security Administration and retirement age. The way the program is designed now individuals have to work longer than ever before to reap the benefits of their retirement. An individual who chooses to take early retirement generally gets a lower percentage of their Social Security and a lower amount of any work attached retirement plan. Check with your employer to find out the terms and conditions of the retirement plan they offer.

For individuals born after 1937, the full retirement age is 65. The retirement age increases over time due to the economic status of the country and due to people living longer now than ever before. Anyone born after 1960 won’t be able to take full retirement benefit until the age of 67. For someone who entered the workforce at a very early age, this give great potential for quite a large retirement package.

This gives you plenty of time to put money away for when you retire. You want to have enough to live on and to enjoy life. Make sure you take care of your health as well. You want your retirement years to be a time when you get to enjoy more freedom and do what you want rather than being held back by chronic health issues. Eating a balanced diet and staying active will help ensure you have plenty of energy and vitality to enjoy life when you hit retirement age.