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The following is a technique very used by the followers to the mental control. It also is important concrete being in the order to carry out.

1. How he/she/it/you is habitual, you/he/she/it relax your body until feel it heavy and relaxed.

2. Form in your imagination the image of a mirror of blue frame where I/he/she/it/you am reflected your economic current situation. You/he/she/it see the activities that you have in him a desire to make and you are not able to, the objects that I/he/she/it/you would like you to buy but they are inaccessible, the courses that you would take if I/he/she/it/you reach you the money, etc. Detente some minutes in this image.

3. Now, you/he/she/it visualize that the blue frame changes of color until come to be white. Inside this frame of white brilliant color, the scene has changed: you are wearing the clothes that you want, you/he/she/it are buying the objects that you yearn.
4. With this ideal image, you/he/she/it return to your state of vigil.

This meditation could be made how many times you want Are ideal carry out it at least once per week. This way, you will be achieving that your mind is convinced that all that there are in the world you you/he/she/it belong

First we are supposed to have the feeling of what we wanted to experience. So he/she/it/you is how we planted the seeds for a new road. From there from now on- he/she/it/you continued David- our sentence you/he/she/it become an action of thank you.
- Thank you? do you mean thank you for what do we have created?
- Not, not for what we have created--David responded- the creation already this complete. Our sentence becomes a sentence of thank you for the opportunity be chosen that creation is going to experience. By means of our gratefulness, we worshipped all the possibilities and we attract our world those that we wanted.
In this way, with the words of their town, David had shared the secret with me of entering in communion with the forces of our world and our bodies. Although I/he/she/it/you had listened to and understood what I/he/she/it/you had said me, their words are still more significant for me today in day

Statements of the abundance                      (Magia y Dinero   Click AQUI)
One of the fundamental precepts of the New Were are that we received in accordance with our beliefs. Ago already enough time Carl Jung, famous psychologist and mystic, I/he/she/it/you taught their theory of the mind [comprobadora]. I/he/she/it/you said that if we affirmed something, either positive or negative, our mind tries to verify that of any way.

In this way, if we believe that we don't deserve love, for example, we will never find somebody with whom share affection, since our mind is obedient to our beliefs.

The same it happens when we talked about money, if we repeated until the fatigue that the money is dirty, or that it is necessary to kill working in order to hardly win enough, this will be what we will achieve.

It is important, upon carrying out the statements, that always [hagan] in present time and in feeling positive. For example, the statement: "I don't like to be poor" he/she/it/you will only attract more poverty. The correct form is to say: "I Have the enough money in order to live on agreement with my likes."
In order to work with this technique, you/he/she/it repeat the statements whenever him you remember, they will never be many. You/he/she/it try to repeat them singing, making games of words and writing them at least twenty times to the day.

Some statements with which you could begin are:
· my situation economic improvement every day.
· There are opportunities of financial progress everywhere, I only have to accept them.
· my work is a source of more and more rich money.
· deserves the prosperity and all the goods that I want.

Your list of statements could continue in accordance with your specific necessities. Carry out them always in present time.

To difference of the previous techniques, this current of thought invites us to don't put you limits to our orders, but to think of absolute terms: the prosperity, the abundance, the well-being. The base of this philosophy is see to the Universe like an inexhaustible supplier, like a source of limitless energy that helps us constantly.

The only requirement in order to connect us with this divine source is accept each small thing like a gift of God and, therefore, to the money how one of them. We received these gifts by acting rightly in all our acts. It is important also think that we should not say it to the Universe how you/he/she/it should come us the money in order to don't limit their power



Our adults transmitted me the secret of the sentence. The secret is that when we requested something, we are recognizing that we don't have it. Continuing requesting the power only increases of what it will never happen.
« The road between the human being and the forces of this world begin in our heart. He/she/it/you is there where our world of the feelings unites with that of our thoughts».
"In my sentence, I began with a feeling of gratitude for all that you/he/she/it exist and for all that it has happened. I gave thanks to the wind of the desert, to the heat and to the drought, because until now so is how you/he/she/it have been. It is not good. He/she/it/you is not bad. It has been our medicine.
» I Then have chosen another medicine. I began to feel rain. I felt the rain falling on my body. Standing in the stone circle, I imagined that I/he/she/it/you was in the square of our town, barefoot under the rain. I felt the sensation of the humid earth that oozed between the fingers of my feet. I smelled the scent of the rain in the walls of straw and mud of the houses of our town after the storms. I felt the sensation of walking for the fields of corn that I/he/she/it/you grew until the height of my chest due to the generosity of the rains. The old men remember us that he/she/it/you so is how we chose our road here. .



If you repeat that you will never have prosperity, the poverty will reign in your life. For that reason he/she/it/you is so important that you program you positively.

In accordance with the dynamic and the perfect nature of the Universe, your necessities should be completely covered, in your life the lack should not exist neither the suffering due to material goods. But the only way of achieving a balance between your necessities and what the Universe has for you, it is [mentalizándote] in order to receive the prosperity and the happiness that you deserve.

The programming of your mind in positive only is possible by means of the repetition of statements and the convincing that all that you need, your hand is within reach of.

So you/he/she/it observe the following advice, program you positively, you/he/she/it accept the money that the Universe is willing to give you and the abundance will arrive to your hands.